“7 Lakes with view of dramatic Khaoyai”
Immerse yourself to enjoy spectacular views of 7 lakes and its surrounding
including the dramatic views of Khao Yai.
“Luscious manmade forest with more than 40,000 trees”
Once a vacant plot of land, a wide range of more than 40,000 evergreen trees is planted,
turning the land into an exclusive forest park residence.
“Enjoy 5 km jogging and biking track”
This place is an absolute heaven on earth for nature lovers.
You can enjoy cycling or jogging on a double-decker biking track,
under a canopy of 5-kilometer tree tunnels while breathing clean and fresh air.
“Enjoy panoramic view from your own room”
With the design to capture the panoramic view of Khao Yai,
you can enjoy the view anywhere in your residence.
“Luxury stay in natural beauty”
The perfect design of Swan Lake Residence Khao Yai
allows you to fully recharge your mind and body in a luxury residence
surrounded with beautiful nature.
“Stay close to the living nature”
Get closer to the nature than ever! Here, you can meet rare birds,
more than 40 swans and 50,000 koi fish.

Have your own private forest park!

Experience the most beautiful scenery of Khao Yai National Park.

Throughout 10 years of dedication and perseverance, Swan Lake Residence Khao Yai has transformed a vacant plot of land into a stunning private forest park residence exclusively for truly nature lovers.

Residence where you can enjoy a simple life and retreat.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, surrounded with 7 lakes that keep up the liveliness of the surroundings, a wide range of more than 40,000 evergreen trees and a canopy of 4 – kilometer tree tunnels, and swans, mandarin ducks and breeds of koi fish that bring the charm to the nature.

"LUXURY STAY IN NATURAL BEAUTY" You are going to love it!

Enjoy the most beautiful scenery of Khao Yai now at Swan Lake Residence Khao Yai.